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What Makes Beyond Fitness Different?


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Beyond Fitness is more than just another company that offers personal fitness training to its clients. Owner Matt Bliss’ vision is to make nutritional and physical fitness more accessible and attainable for everyone, and to offer more personal programs that deal with the whole being, not just the physical body. After working for more than eight years as a General Manager and Fitness Director in area health club facilities, Bliss was frustrated by the gaps left by gyms and clubs and wanted to do something about it.

Matt hated the fact that too many gyms focus on increasing revenue rather than the success of their clients. He knew working out wasn’t enough to bring optimum health if eating and sleeping patterns were counterproductive. Matt also recognized the fact that most personal trainers don’t have the knowledge to address and coach people on these other issues.

So, already holding a degree in Physical Education and Exercise Science and Certified through the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA), Matt ‘went back to school’ to earn a certification as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach (NLC) from the C.H.E.K. Institute (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology). Now, through his company Beyond Fitness, Matt’s vision has become a reality. By offering personal training and nutritional counseling, Beyond Fitness provides a holistic approach to better health. And, because Bliss insists on a personal, customized approach, services are offered in-home, on-line and by phone – creating a flexible, comfortable atmosphere that makes getting in shape easier than ever before.

Direct Benefits of Working with Beyond Fitness

Client Goal Priority
Many gyms, clubs, and even some personal trainers, are more interested in revenue than results. That means they take on as many clients as possible and don’t care if they ever step foot in the gym or schedule the first appointment. For Beyond Fitness, client goals are paramount. We work with only the number of clients we can effectively and successfully support to reach their fitness goals. We strive for on-going communication and active follow-up to keep our clients on the right path.

Customized Program
Personal Training can be many different things depending on the client - that's what makes it personal! With Beyond Fitness, your first session is critical to helping set up a foundation for success. We look at your history, goals, individual needs, and lifestyle to determine which type of program will help you stay motivated and consistent enough to progress, experience results, and succeed. And, critical to your ongoing progress we include regular updates and changes to your fitness regime to inspire and challenge you.

Flexible Workout Schedule
We strive to make our client’s sessions as individualized as possible and flexible enough to fit your schedule. Our trainers can work with you in the privacy of your home or outdoors in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Beyond Fitness will work with you as often or as little as you need, from 5-days a week for intense support to every 6-weeks for check-in and program reviews. Our goal is to always be involved in your health and fitness goal, but to create the opportunity for independence as you become more confident and self-reliant.

Variety of Programs
Beyond Fitness offers more than just exercise regimes, they also have a complete lifestyle program. You may opt to focus on cardio-conditioning, muscle-conditioning, and flexibility as part of our Strength and Conditioning Program. Or you may be interested in improving your nutrition, stress management, and sleep patterns with our Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Program. We also provide special programs geared to event training (marathons, triathlons, or learning a new sport) and recovering from physical injuries. For more information on our programs, visit our services page.

Free Initial Assessment
Beyond Fitness offers a no-risk free on-line assessment to introduce you to our services and to help you get a realistic picture of where you are and where you want to go with your Fitness Goals. Are you ready to find out where you stand? Simply request our Beyond Fitness On-line Assessment.

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