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"It's great to have a personal trainer who really understands the holistic approach to fitness. Now I can work with just one trained and certified professional to improve all aspects of my health. Beyond Fitness is helping me get everything in balance for my body type - nutrition, sleep patterns, and exercise. I love the truly personalized programs that fit my skill level and schedule!"

Mavis Lamb

"Since working with Beyond Fitness, I look forward to exercising - that is a first for me! I appreciate the positive, encouraging "You can do it" attitude and being 'pushed' to the next level. Not only am I feeling 'less wigglish' around my abs, but my sinus and asthma conditions are completely gone, my blood pressure is getting under control and I am off several 'as needed' medications. Thanks, Matt!"

Cindy McKean

"Beyond Fitness made my goals their goals. My trainer was a perfect balance of trainer, motivator, educator, and friend. The workouts were always fresh and I looked forward to our sessions. I also learned the 'why' behind everything I was doing. I've lost weight and reduced my body fat, but moreover I feel confident and have a more positive attitude about myself and life in general."

Jeff Carroll

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